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We have a lot to share with you; we have many posts and feeds, so please check back frequently, look around, and enjoy our different themes. We didn’t make it all about religion but well-being, more focused on peoples than faith.

Our Blogs Sites are in operation since December 2010. We still have a lot to do in enhancement before having it running to the maximum potential (Mainly because we change hosting company and transferring from one to the other is a long process). We are a non-profit organization. Our way of financing is with the publicity on the sites, so please support them. We have only a few advertisers. Also, we have online groups on Facebook, MeWe designed to share your family, personal and religious experiences.

Initially, we were operating under the name of Tamworth that came from a small community in Stone Mills Township in Lennox and Addington County, Ontario, Canada. Tamworth is located due north of Napanee and northeast of Belleville, near Kingston and Beaver Lake. Beaver Lake flows into the Salmon River, which runs through Tamworth, and this flowing water was the source of much of the commerce of Tamworth’s former mills.

It settled in 1826, Calvin Wheeler built several mills here in the 1840s, and it was originally known as Wheeler’s Mills. A post office opened in 1848 under the current name, named after Tamworth, Staffordshire. Wheeler was an admirer of Sir Robert Peel, member of Parliament for Tamworth.

Many Irish immigrants settled the area, and by 1865 the population of the surrounding area was 500. In 1884 the Tamworth and Quebec Railway had three trains departing to Napanee each day. Once the forest covered the land and had to be removed, the soil that remained was not of the best quality. Still, farmers persevered, and the area included many cheese factories. Farmers could supplement their incomes by cutting trees in winter to be floated down the Napanee River to mills in the south.

Tamworth today is a mix of farms, homes and cottages on Beaver Lake. It includes the services such as churches, a bank, hockey arena, a video store, restaurants, a hardware store, grocery store, pharmacy, liquor store, library and many others.

Rev. Marie’s Portal

We renamed our Tamworth fundraising sites in 2021 to honour our Bishop Rev. Marie. She spent a lot of her time helping the parishioners and administering our religious corporation.

We believe the universe has a Creator, and Eric Michel Ministries International seeks to balance reason and spirituality. Here you will find members dedicated to the one God and our path to understanding God. The congregation’s base is the philosophy on reality. We follow the message given by Jesus, a man devoted to helping his followers finding the pathway. We are an Only One God Organization that places no one equal to God.

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